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Meet the Staff of Southern Trust Auto Group

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Noah Levitt - Sales/Product Specialist

3212019593 - Noah@stag1.com

I've been into cars my whole life. I know cars inside and out. Selling cars is my passion. I started out at Ford and worked my way up to BMW where I was at for 4 years, now I am with Southern Trust Auto Group. With the help of my colleagues, I will gain more experience and help customers get their dream car.

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Chris Niccoli - Chief Executive Officer

4073679135 - Chris@stag1.com

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Mauricio Garcia - Sales/Finance

4077577541 - Mauricio@stag1.com

Attended University in Florida with dedication and hard work, he became fluent in English and obtained an MBA, while creating a career in the automotive industry. Working for dealerships such as, Ferrari, Maserati, Toyota, and Southern Trust Auto Group with the Niccoli Family. Being in the automotive business since 2014 has taught Mauricio a thing or two. Chris, Jeff and a few other experts in the industry have contributed to his professional career and success in life.

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Jeff Anderson - Finance Manager

3213316918 - Jeff@stag1.com

I’ve been living in Orlando since 1996. Here I began my journey in the car business by attending UCF and studying Finance & Economics. In 2008 I started selling Wholesale and Retail used cars. From there I worked my way up from Salesman to Sales Manager to finally Finance Manager. My passion in this business allows me to show our customers our best options available that work within their budget. In my spare time I enjoy surfing, going to the gym, playing ice hockey and golf. In the end, I'm here to make your car buying experience amazing!

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